International Conference on Social Sciences and Management (ICSSM – 2024) is an annual conference. This is an initiative by Global Star Smart Research, Malaysia to bring the academian, researchers and the industry under one roof to work together and enhance the quality of research which will contribute to the social aspects of the society. This year ICSSM is organising in collaboration with Pt. Edu Global Kreatif Indonesia and Edupsycho Research Institute. ICSSM – 2024 provides a global platform for a researcher to get equipped with an update on recent research developments and future avenues of growth in the field of Social and behavioural Sciences.

The theme for ICSSM – 2024 is Emerging Horizons in Social Sciences and Management Researches. The area of focus for ICSSM – 2024 is Social Science researches in Asian Context.
Social Science – The social sciences consists of various disciplines like economics, political science, human geography, demography, psychology, sociology, counselling, political sciences, Management, Business, Islamic Civilization, Language. Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Educations etc.
Built Environment – Built Environment is the branch of science which refers to the man-made surroundings and deals the psychology of settlement and behaviour. It provides the setting for mankind related activities that ranges from buildings, parks or green spaces, neighbourhoods, history and heritage settings, land survey and acquisition, regional development, and town and country planning which include their supporting domain, such as water supply and sanitation, and other energy networks. It includes Art and Architecture, history, principle of human settlement, environmental conservation and protection, socio-civic-development, evolution and innovation, and many more.